A return to New England

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Forever and a Day

So I am new to this and have not entered a post since my first two lame entries. Life has moved quickly by and how wonderful it is. We are expecting our first child in May. I am 25 weeks along and the baby is kicking and dancing around. We have wanted a child for many years but being 2GIL we had much to decide and agree upon. Finally we decided on a known donor and we were very lucky with getting pregnant on our second try. Unbelievable really. I will never forget the morning I peed on the stick. I knew the answer before I looked but there it was indeed the blue + !!! I opened the door and there was my honey making the morning coffee, looking at me as I stood in the doorway with a HUGE smile. "What?", she asked. "It is positive......".
She did not believe me. "Are you sure?". "I am positive."

So here we are many months later, awaiting the arrival of our son. We are thrilled and frightened, thankful and still in shock. I can not wait to meet him in person. To hold him. To hear him. To see him. To smell him, stinky sweet poopy diapers and all.
We will fall in love ... I just know it.