A return to New England

Friday, July 15, 2005

New House and Contractor

How is it that is it so stressful to hire a contractor to work at your house. Seems it should be simple. Here is the job we need, here is how we want it done, here is what we agree to pay you, here is when you said it would be finished. Nope.... Why must some (many) change the rules of the game while they are playing it... Change the materials agreed upon... The story is too stressful. Let's just say when I addressed the problem of the wrong thickness of drywall he hung on the walls (I had it in writing), HE got mad at ME! Swore a bit and left. I just don't think he would have done that to me were I a man. He was very angry; So who knows if he will even show up to finish the job. I guess that would save our lawn, since he has decided to park on it... not the driveway. I am talking parked fully on the lawn.... Again... I am tip toeing around this guy... he seems very volatile.

I have to tell you about our house.... but today I just feel lots of acid in my stomach, twisted and manipulated.

It is beautiful today. I love the green and the mountains.


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